Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him)

   Allah has sent prophets to every nation throughout history so that they may show their people the Straight Path ,Also the prophet Muhammad was sent to mankind as the last prophet. He was a living example of the sublime morality of Allah's last revelation.

   Those Muslims who follow the way of the Prophet (peace and blessing s be upon him) need to be foremost in their morality and behavior, and to invite others to adopt that same morality. As the Prophet's words "The most perfect believer in respect of faith is he who is best of them in manners." make clear, morality is one the most important components of true faith. It is therefore an important religious duty to learn about and practice the very best examples of it

   Throughout his life, however, he showed an interest in each and every one, warned them about their mistakes and failings, and tried to educate them in all matters, from cleanliness to matters of faith. That compassionate, tolerant, understanding and patient attitude of his was the means by which many peoples' hearts warmed to Islam and developed a genuine love for the Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him)

The Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) never pressured those around him to accept the religion, nor imposed conditions on them. Instead he always used the pleasantest ways to tell them about it. He always supported the community of the faithful with his strong conscience, and was a benefactor to them at all times      .  

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